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About Lonna

Hi, Im Lonna, Founder of CBL Skin studio. I've been a licensed professional working with all different types of skin for 7+ years. My passion for skincare comes from working in different parts of the beauty field, learning about the various ways that our lifestyles contribute a great deal to the health of our skin. I first began my journey into the beauty field ten years ago as I began working as a makeup artist, and what I loved about it, was the ability to transform. As I continued to grow as a makeup artist, my biggest question was how can we as individuals, love the way we look, in our most natural form, when all that makeup comes off? We do such beautiful makeup, and it is so much fun to do, but when its all off, does our beauty go away?  Do we still love ourselves? And that is where my path in holistic skincare began. Helping individuals feel beautiful with and without covering up our natural skin. I also started learning about different ways to treat skin concerns that we so often cover with makeup. Learning about the importance of a well balanced diet is another important factor when it comes to improving the health of our bodies largest organ, and it is focused at the CBL skin  studio. Learning about the different foods that would help us glow from within. My commitment and what I aim for here at this results driven studio, is learning and understanding a clients lifestyle, and incorporating holistic practices to them, to help bring forth, beautiful healthy skin.