My philosophy when it comes to skincare is this: Keep it Clean and Keep it Simple

Hey Babes! Created By Lonna is a skincare studio dedicated to wellness and beauty. Lonna believes and takes pride in providing organic, non toxic skincare treatments. CBL is a skincare studio specializing in clean skincare treatments, targeting breakouts, uneven skin tones, skin texture, lymphatic drainages and much more. All products used, are created with what earth provides us with, which means ingredients free of fragrances, parabens, sulfates and chemicals. Ingredients, that specifically cater to your skin needs, without the toxicity. Lonna understands that all skin types are created differently, and must be catered to as such, which is why consultations are a must before any treatment. At CBL skin studio, youll not only experience an amazing skincare service, but you get tips on how to acheive beautiful healthy skin.