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Keep it clean, Keep it simple. Reset your skincare routine with the CBL Manuka Honey Skin Exfoliant

Reset your skin, with the amazing natural healing powers of the CBL Manuka Honey Exfoliant. Packed with vitamins and anti inflammatory properties, this amazing skin product with bring out your natural glow, all while healing and gently cleaning it

The power of combining clinical skincare with traditional natural medicines, is Lonna's approach to skincare

Lonna, founder of the day spa "Created By Lonna"  is a licensed skincare therapist who dedicates her time to not only beautify the skin, but to heal problematic skin, with her holistic approach. At CBL skin studio, you will not only experience amazing and revolutionized skin treatments, but you will be educated on how to maintain and keep your skin healthy. 

Lonna understands that everyone's skin is created differently, and that an individuals skin type is constantly changing. which is why all treatments are customized to the condition that your skin is in. 

"Keep it clean, Keep it simple"

At CBL skin studio, Lonna not only uses clean products, but she also researches everything that is being used at the studio, along with products that are recommended to clients. With consistency and constant research, Lonna believes that, problematic skin can be healed through nature. that is why her motto is, to keep it clean and keep it simple.

Are you fighting consistent breakouts? Do you want to know what is

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