The time

Have you ever thought about when your favorite time of the day is? Ive been a lover of the sun rising as I sit and reflect, for some time now. I love the hues of the rising sun that peaks through my room, the golden brown that hits the wall every time. It’s a time where I can gather myself, and and feel at peace when I do so. Whenever you find that time, where you can reset, gather yourself or honor your emotions, set that time to do so. Having time to ourselves for ourselves not only helps us, but it helps us in the way we interact with individuals on the regular. I’m in the business of meeting new people, and coming into contact with different souls on a regular basis, so it’s imperative that I take time to myself, almost every morning before I start my day, to reset and clear my mind. So find that time for yourself 

                         xoxo - Lonna✨